I am a software engineer and a painter, loving both.

I find inspiration in my surroundings and simplicity. Small gestures, light, nature, beauty of everyday, kindness and love.

I am passionately exploring new media, pencils, colors, papers and canvases, satisfying my curiosity and eagerness to learn.

While curiosity is my starting point for any project, what I love most about creating art is the moment when the project I have started turns into something new, surprising even to me and reflecting myself more than any words could.

As an artist, I am an autodidact, but attending challenging classes from now and then, to improve and get new impulses:

Latest Art Education

Malen wie die Alten Meister (with Andreas Fischbacher)

Portrait Painting – Online Workshops

2022 | Kunstakademie (Academy of Fine Arts) Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Abstract Painting (with Bogdan Pascu, Mag.art.)

2021 | Kunstakademie (Academy of Fine Arts) Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Masterclass Painting (a whole year of learning from the best: with Bogdan Pascu, Andreas Fischbacher, Lucia Riccelli, Lev Kaplan)

2020 | Kunstfabrik (Academy of Fine Arts) Wien, Austria

Painting Workshop (with Kurt Welther)

2019 | Kunstakademie (Academy of Fine Arts) Kolbermoor, Germany